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Lynn's suggestions were all the right ones; there's one more though:
I.E. also has a set of "explorer bars", which seem to be just like
toolbars, only placed differently.
You can see if any of them are turned on by going to the view menu, and
choosing "e" for "explorer bars", which will open up a list of choices,
which are either checked if on, or not if off.  make sure all of them
are off, if you find any on, turn it off and see if this goes away.
This will help remove some of the window clutter for I.E., but I think
what you're seeing is just it's new interface, and we can't get rid of
Let us know if you do though; thanks.


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        How do I get rid of that "Live search" "Home Split" (whatever
that means).
        It is only the way, as I don't use it.  I have IE 7, I believe.
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