[tabi] Whoo boy are you correct

  • From: "Daniel Ben Moshe" <danielbenmoshe1@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 00:31:02 -0400

Shalom Rav; The Seder went very well.  Again, I now know just what you and
rivkah go through every year to put this on.  Check this out.  How about I
find out on roman Tuesday afternoon.  That we did not have the correct
plates, at all. When I got Ted to bring everything over to the house, so
that I could inspect everything.  I see these real small saucers, that the
people were supposed to eat the Passover meal on. Would you believe that I
had to send people to the store three times, to finally get a large plate,
smaller plate, and the correct bowls? I had to sit down at the last minute,
and reorganize everything, and I had to pay literally  out of pocket, for
everything to make sure that things went well.  I grew allot tonight in the
ministry, because I didn't take allot on myself, and I assembled some very
hard workers, and we came together.  And we made it work. That doesn't mean
I didn't want to strangle someone, but I just focused on what we needed to
do. And it was awesome, you missed out on something big Yahweh fell in a big
way tonight.  We danced and we had the Seder, and we ministered to one
another, and then after I got my house put back together, I put them all out
of my house lol. Now I know how you feel, when you just want people to go
home lol.  Never the less it was good.  
On another note, you are so correct about a certain person, because I am
convinced that this man has no brain.  He reminds me of the scarecrow in the
wizard of oz. I sent this man to the store to get larger plates, and to
match them with the smaller ones that he already had, how about this man
comes back with the larger plates, but no smaller plates. I finally got
vladdy to just go and get me some smaller plates that matched the larger
ones, along with the bowl. I didn't say anything, I just had him do
something else out of my way lol. Never the less he tried his best, the poor
man.  I understand what is going on there.  Fay thought for him, and now
that she is no longer with him. And he has to do things that she use to have
to do for him, like going to doctors, and dealing with other people, now he
is totally lost. That los cost me dearly today, but that is ok.  Because
Yahweh will work it out. This man has to be given very small tasks, and
nothing more, or less.    

I'm glad to be your humble and obedient servant,

Zechen Elder Daniel Ben Moshe,
Benai Yahshuah Synagogue Of Broward County,
Choose ye this day whom you will serve.  If Yahweh be Elohim, then serve
him, with all of your hart.  However, if bail be your master.  Then serve
him.  As for me, and my house.  We choose, to serve Yahweh! 
The late Bishop Joe Patterson told a story long ago, when I was a small
child.  About Elijah, and the 450 false prophets of bail.  He said that
Elijah, stood, and told the false prophets to go on ahead, because they had
a much larger program.  He said that they had 450 participants, and he only
had one.  Elijah, also reminded them, that they had to drag their god up the
mountain side on an ox cart.  the man of Yahweh, also said, that his Elohim
would be there when he arrived.  He said mockingly, you go on ahead.  Heck,
I will even let you call your god first.  I'M going to take a nap, and when
you guys finish your foolishness, wake me up. Go ahead now, take your best
Bishop Joe O Patterson 
A blessed memory 

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