[tabi] What about state of Florida public employees!

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  • Date: Sat, 7 May 2011 17:07:16 -0400

Hi, got this from the 
Government Operations Appropriations Subcommittee. Here is what I found out.
I work with the legislature myself. Now here it is: All employees will have
to give up 3 percent of their pay, The only exemption is that public workers
of the state of Florida that is retired or in the drop or that retires
before 06/30/2011 and /or go into the drop before 06/30/2011 will not have
to give up  3 percent of their pay. Any one after 06/30/2011 will have to
pay this 3 percent even going into the drop as I under stand it. Now also
all public employees will if not vested before 06/30/2011 will have to have
8 years to be vested in stead of 6 years.  Also public workers will going
into the drop will not get the 6.5 percent on their drop money instead after
06/30/2011 they will get only 1.3 percent, Also public workers will not get
in the drop or retired there 3 percent cost of living raise this is to
sunset in 2016, This is for employees that retires or go into the drop after
06/30/2011. In 2016 if the legislature want to they can then restore it to
the 3 percent cost of living raise  for drop people and retires if they
choose so and if they choose to give 3 percent it could be anything between
0 and 3 percent. Retirees get to keep their 5 bucks for every year of
service to use to go toward health insurance. Now this being said my opinion
on this it would all be ok if we were benefitting from it. But we are not it
is not going into the retirement fund it is going into the GR ( General
Revenue fund ). So in my opinion this has now become a state of Florida
public employees state income tax. So in my thoughts this is nothing but a
tax on us. This is because we are not getting nothing for our money. It is
not going into the retirement fund to increase or stabilize our retirement.
We are not going to get any interest off of the 3 percent mandatory tax pay
cut. Here again it is consider a tax now. Now this is too  me not right at
all and it looks like Discrimination on the public employee. Hope someone
challenges this in court. Now to me it would have hurt but if it was
specifically going to the retirement fund for increasing our retirement or
stabilizing the retirement fund I could swallow it.  But it is not it is
going into the GR ( General Revenue fund ) just for balancing the budget. I
really hope we can take this to court on Discrimination on public employees
having to pay a state income tax when no other citizen has a state income
tax in Florida. The old saying is if it walks like a duck, quacks like duck
and looks like duck it must be a duck! This is a public employee state of
Florida income tax because it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and
walks like a duck, so it must be a duck! Quack Quack !


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