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This website has webcasts on various ADA Topics on the first Wednesday of every 
month at 1:00.  Next week's episode is on Service Animals.

Episode 5: Service Animals
Date: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm EST Have a Question: 
Submit your questions for Episode 5
Cheri Hofmann, Southeast ADA Center
Rebecca Williams, Southeast ADA Center

What is the definition of a service animal? Is a service animal the same as a 
companion animal, psychiatric animal or therapy pet? Does a business have to 
serve a customer who has two service animals? We will discuss some of the 
issues involving access for individuals with disabilities using service animals 
in places of business and in housing.

Questions for this Episode:
1.How do I have my dog certified as a service animal?
2.My employer asked for a letter from my doctor stating why I need my service 
animal at work. Must I give this to him?
3.My landlord said I can't keep my service animal. Isn't that against the ADA?
4.A patron at our dinner theater brought her dog to one of our shows. She was 
carrying it in a little bag. She told the ticket taker that it was her service 
animal. During the meal the dog sat in her lap, ate off her plate and went 
under other tables looking for scraps. Other patrons complained after the show. 
What can I do if she comes back with the dog?
5.A lady came into my restaurant with two dogs. She said they are both service 
animals. Can a person have more than one service animal?
6.I own a hair salon. A customer came in with a service dog last week. One of 
my employees is afraid of dogs. Next time, can I tell this customer that the 
dog has to stay outside because my employee is afraid?
7.Our hotel has a pet deposit fee. Can I charge a deposit when a guest has a 
service animal?
8.The taxi cab driver said I couldn't bring my service animal in the cab.  
Isn't that against the ADA?
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