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it's pretty tough on renters, because almost everything you can do, other
than changing your thermostat (other than Robert that is), involves spending
money on appliances and the house, which you can't really do, and can very
seldom get the owner to do.  There is a program called LIHEAP which does
help those near the poverty line with their energy bills, regardless of
whether your a renter or an owner, and I think receiving SSDI or SSI may
automatically qualify you for it.  call the city and ask about LIHEAP (low
income home energy assistance program).
I will try and find info on this, but I recall some business advertising
that they could do something to your windows (sealing them, or putting a
film on them), to make them more energy efficient, without you having to
spend too much money.  There was an article recently pointing out the rising
per centage of your electricity which is used by TVs stereos computers, and
other home electronics; especially when they're in a stand by mode, waiting
to be activated.  so, if you have something like a large screen tv, which is
very warm even when you're not watching it, then maybe consider unplugging
Also, ask the city if an energy audit is offered to renters; maybe they can
find places to add weather stripping say, and other changes, which aren't
expensive, but which make a big difference.


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Hi Lynn,
Hmm; sounds good.  Maybe we renters can find some tips that we can use, too.

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Hello gang: 
Just in time for the energy debate. It's Kim Komando's cool site of the day!

Winter is on the way. For many people that means increased energy
<http://www.komando.com/toolbox.aspx?mode=print&id=9782#> use to combat the
cold. And that means you're spending more money.

Using energy more efficiently can help save you money. But figuring out how
to be more efficient is tough. Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone.

Microsoft has an energy-calculating site called Hohm. Just enter your
house's street address. Hohm will pull its estimated energy use based on
public records. You can also enter more specific information for a better

Hohm provides an energy cost breakdown. That helps you see where your energy
is going. It then offers some helpful solutions. That includes current tax
<http://www.komando.com/toolbox.aspx?mode=print&id=9782#> credits for
replacing inefficient appliances. Or it might suggest procedures for sealing
up air leaks. There are dozens of things you can try.

You will need to sign in to get the solutions. However, it only requires a
free Microsoft Live account
<http://www.komando.com/toolbox.aspx?mode=print&id=9782#> . If you have a
Hotmail account you can use that.

www.microsoft-hohm.com <http://www.microsoft-hohm.com/> 

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