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Thanks Lynn for trying to get to the truth of this for me.


I still haven't seen any wifi, so I called StarMetro just now.  It turns
out that only 10 of the largest buses have wifi, and the largest buses
are only assigned to the heaviest use routes; since I'm riding on the
Red Hills route, one of the least use routes, I'll never see a bus with


It also turns out it does cost money, so they're considering dropping
it, and one employee thought they already had.





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Hello to Chip an all the Wi-Fi on the bus fans:



I was down at the Senior Center today and stopped by the Star Metro
office there. The person told me what I had been hearing all along.
There are 10 busses equipped with WI- FI.  


There are 12 routes running Monday through Friday with two busses for
each route, 20 busses and perhaps 4 busses for the Moss route and 3 for
the San Luis route for a total of maybe 27 busses all together. 


So let the mathematician on the list figure out the odds on any one
riding on a bus having Wi-Fi. 


Stay tuned; I will be going to the Star Metro listening session Tuesday
at the Senior Center from 11:30 to 1:30 and will ask the same question





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