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  • Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2014 12:48:50 -0500

First let me say above everything I'm just pleased that we who are blind
have a way of voting independently. When I used the machines available in
2008, it was the first time in 30 years I'd voted without sighted


My experience yesterday with the new machine wasn't as positive as Sila's.
But, since the "old" machines are no longer available and the new ones
create a paper ballot, there's not much use in complaining. 


I too gave feedback to the woman who assisted me: 

1. I personally found the remote to be cumbersome. The old machines used a
phone keypad which is familiar to everyone. Only three keys were needed to
vote and they were all in a row. 

2. I felt like the voting process itself required a  lot of backtracking
which extended the time it took to vote. 

3. People with hearing problems may have difficulty understanding the
computer voices. Even with good hearing, I had to ask what the voice was
saying the first time it said, "yellow right arrow." On the machine I used,
the voices sounded like they were coming out of a tin can. The voice on the
old machines had a clear, human sounding voice.

4. I didn't tell the lady who assisted me, but though she was nice, she had
not been trained to assist someone with no vision. Perhaps more training
would have made my experience less frustrating. 


I repeat! I'm happy I can vote in private just like all of the sighted

Lynda Jones 

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Good morning everyone,


While I am not the happiest of campers with the election outcome... I very
much enjoyed my voting experience yesterday. I found the AutoMARK machine to
be doable and the staff at my polling place to be beyond helpful. Mr. Ion
Sancho, U Rock! I was asked for feedback on the machine and I gave an honest
critique. Sherman got a "I Voted" sticker and had a nice experience too!




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