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Hello Bruce,
Sorry for the delay in responding to you. Chip is correct that the BookSense
isn't being manufactured any longer. Sadly, we don't have any more in
inventory. Good luck finding a great digital book player.
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Thanks for the information. Much appreciated.


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You might contact Sila and Robert, they had a lot of stuff for sale recently.
Also, Liz knows a lot of people selling various things, so you might ask her.

Just in case you may not know, the BookSense is not being made any more, and
so as far as I know, the Victor is the only low-cost reader which handles NLS
books, the NFB newsline, etc. It's a very good (I'd say excellent) price at
$375 or so . and sometimes they'll put it on sale $50 off (like they just did
at Christmas).

Someone else is selling something called a talking daisy book reader for less
than this, but be careful, it does not read NLS or Audible or Learning Ally
books, nor does it connect with NFB news line.

Hopefully someone here will contact you.

Good luck,


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Good afternoon,

Do you know of anyone who is selling a Victor Reader stream or a Booksense.
Any information is appreciated.

Bruce Weaver

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