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Subject: Free advanced Chess program for Windows - WinBoard 4.4 for JAWS

Hello Friends,

I'd like to introduce a free advanced Chess software program for Windows for

the totally blind and persons needing audio announcements and /or full 
keyboard access.

It is called Winboard 4.4 for JAWS. It uses any Windows version of the JAWS 
screen reader to announce the chess moves and other selected content to the 
player. Winboard is used world wide and represent the state of the art in 
free Chess software.

Winboard 4.4 for JAWS functions to play chess on the internet at ICS servers

(Internet Chess Servers), namely the "Free Internet Chess Server" more 
commonly known as "FICS", and also provides Chess position analysis through 
adaptable, Grand Master strength, free and commercial "Chess Engine" 
programs. In addition you can saves and review games in the popular PGN 
format file.

Until now no advanced, ICS compatible Chess software was available to the 
blind and sight impaired or handicapped in any form. This is solely a 
volunteer, non-profit effort undertaken by myself and H.G. Muller, the chief


A version of this program called Winboard for JAWS was released in 1999 at 
Freedom Scientific under the GNU Public License but functioned poorly and 
could not connect to the ICS servers at all.

This repaired version is updated with the latest WinBoard code and is a 
significant advancement over regular WinBoard with new functionality added 
by the programmer H.G. Muller. I asked him to repair WinBoard for JAWS after

I had become friends with a blind player at FICS and saw his Telnet access 
to the server was sub-optimal. Further he had no access to Chess engine 
analysis. Please spread the word to the blind and handicapped. This software

is ad-ware and mal-ware free and absolutely safe and non-invasive.

Please see details and free download at the WinBoard Forum here:


Sincerely, David D. Acevedo 

ATI (Adaptive Technology Inc.)
A special interest affiliate of the Missouri Council of the Blind

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