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Oh thank you Owen for motivating me to take my keyboard in hand to write these
pretty prose.

This one is for all the fans and critics of star Metro. Ok, here is what I
know: Most of it coming from Star Metro’s website. (Links to be provided at the
bottom of these polished proses.

For the fans of the old centralized routes where every bus went to the C K
Steele Plaza; there will be two more routes going into the plaza, and they are
the Gulf and San Louis routes.

The San Louis route will be the roué that goes into The Center of Tallahassee
aka Tallahassee Mall by way of Allen Road. The headway is 60 minutes. The Gulf
route is the route that goes to both hospitals. The time between busses,
headway is 60 minutes.

The new schedules are at the printer now and hopefully be ready for
distribution by the end of next week 20 dash 26. For those who remember the
booklet form of the schedule well it seems to have been brought back from a
long and lingering death for a nominal fee of maybe $1.25 or $1.50. This will
come out later on in the year. The bus schedules in the form of a flyer will
still be free.

Upcoming Route Changes

Updates to Start August 1
June 30, 2015

StarMetro is always striving to improve its services to the Tallahassee
community, and the team is continuously searching for ways to modify routes to
better serve riders. StarMetro will be introducing several route changes on
August 1, and we want you to have a chance to get familiar with the updates.

The system is currently looking to make the following changes to existing

· Azalea: Increase frequency and no route deviations from Tennessee

· Canopy: 30 minute frequency and service to Mission Rd. and White Dr.

· Gulf: Travel to C.K. Steele Plaza with direct service to Tallahassee
Memorial Hospital and Capital Regional Medical Center via Miccosukee Rd.

· San Luis: Service to Macon Community and travel to C.K. Steele Plaza

For full details about the proposed route changes, visit
talgov.com/routechanges. Also, be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook and
Twitter pages to receive the latest information and updates regarding system

Contact Information

Ok, here are the two links: The first link just repeats the blurb directly
above and the second link is to the PDF CONTAINING THE NEW MAPS AND TIME


The dreaded PDF:


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