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 From Lynn: 
Yes we could call it Mothers against dumb  driving. MADD.

Let me add: 
Mothers against dispicable  driving
Mothers against distracted  driving
Mothers against dangerous  driving
Mothers against disasterous driving
Mothers against deadly  driving? 
... so, perhaps we should call it not MADD, but MADDER THAN HELL!!!

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   Perhaps we could get some group, such as "Mothers Against    Drunk Driving" 
to help support this idea?? they have a PR machine and    membership which 
could really make a difference if they would agree to broaden    their mandate 
somewhat to include those who don't seem to support the idea of    responsible 


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     ????????? It has      been brought to my attention that the word 
"embarrass" probably should not      be used when dealing with Mr. Meggs.? It 
was my intention to develop a      plan to show the public how the 
ramifications, and precedents of decisions      like his affect all of us.? I 
think this should be put in the public      notice, as some people do not think 
through the consequences.
     ????????? I am      referring to the topic of Chip's original posting,     


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