[tabi] The World's first Braille Cell Phone!

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The World's first Braille Cell Phone!

The latest statistic of the world blind population comes in at around 285 million. One fifth, or, 63 million, are in India. Entrepreneur Sumit Dagar announced he will be rolling out the world's first Braille cell phone. His company, Kryiate, has drawn up the first prototype. Dagar says that test users found it difficult to imagine dynamic Braille on such a small device at first, then, after using it, were very happy with it.

The first-generation Braille cell phone will have some typical smart phone features such as a music player, an e-mail client, a calendar, and even GPS navigation. The Braille display features include a ten character display which can be typed in via a numerical keypad with tactile markings for each of
the numbers.

The smaller cell display means it doesn't need to be a typical smart phone CPU, keeping the (yet to be announced) price low. "Anybody who can afford a
phone can afford this phone," Dagar says.

To read more about this product, go to:


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