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Hmmm, only half an hour to cover a list of products, one of which is the ORCam 
glasses?  Looks to me like there's not going to be too much of a demo.

Anyone see today's?  If so, what did you think?



Chip Orange
Florida Public Service Commission
Computer Systems Analyst

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Here is the schedule for the Lighthouse Techno Demo as posted on 

FRIDAY, 4/25
2:30 – DBS, Johnnie Slaton
3:00 – Pen Friend, Toni King
3:30 – Echo Glasses, Mike Elliot
4:00 – iPhone and iPad, Toni King
4:30 – Prodigy Duo, ILY- 7, Clear Reader - Mike Hage
5:00 - Solo, Ace wifi, mini braille display, Orcam glasses, Snow7... HD 
- John Palmer
9:30 – Prodigy Duo, ILY- 7, Clear Reader - Mike Hage
10:00 – Pen Friend - Toni King
10:30 – Solo, Ace wifi, mini braille display, Orcam glasses, Snow7 HD - 
John Palmer
11:00 - iPhone and iPad - Toni King
1:00 – SamNet - Toni King
1:30 - Echo Glasses - Mike Elliot
Please join us!

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