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I heard one yesterday that responds to voice commands.  It was from Verizon.  
Don't know anymore details.

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  I was visiting someone yesterday, and he showed me his phone that he 
researched for use by the visually impaired, and purchased.  the phone is a 
Uniden 2998-2.  phone has talking phonebook (that is, once you add someone, it 
will read the list of names you have programmed in).  The programming is tricky 
but you can do it using the caller id feature, and then go to the second option 
in the menu which is add to phonebook.  There are three selections in that menu 
for adding entries.  The caller id talks, and the numbers are announced when 
pressed during dialing.  The phone comes with one base unit, and one portable.  
The cost is approximately $94.00 at best buy.  Though you probably could get a 
better price on line. 

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