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Hi Carl,

I agree with you. Am I right in assuming the contract ends July 10?  I also 
think if Big Bend can and wants to provide the CTC service, they should let Big 
bend make an offer incase they can't hold the city's feet to the fire.  If it 
means more trips, I am for it.  What we are talking about here is the cord 
nation of contracts, complying with state requirements and handling and 
processing customer request.

I heard that Star Metro/Dial A ride/CTC has already planned to lay off 4 people.

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  At the special meeting to consider the recommended change in transportation 
coordinator, after much haggling a motion was passed to request Star Metro to 
continue as coordinator until July 2010 at a price of $3 per trip,.  We were 
told they probably would not be willing to do that since their cost is as much 
as twice that.  

  I feel strongly that the city or Star Met  needs to tell us that, rather than 
our board letting them off the hook by voting to cancel the contract. The 
motion did say if they refuse then our chair has the authority to begin 
negotiations with city or the state TDC. 

  We are to bbe notified of the city decision.

  In any event an RFP or request for proposal will be prepared  to seek a new 
coordinator by July 2010.


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