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I think that's a very good point Carl; don't let them hint that they
want out of the contract, and then just give it to them; make them
publicly state that they will no longer do it, and take the public
thanks for letting us know.


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        At the special meeting to consider the recommended change in
transportation coordinator, after much haggling a motion was passed to
request Star Metro to continue as coordinator until July 2010 at a price
of $3 per trip,.  We were told they probably would not be willing to do
that since their cost is as much as twice that.  
        I feel strongly that the city or Star Met  needs to tell us
that, rather than our board letting them off the hook by voting to
cancel the contract. The motion did say if they refuse then our chair
has the authority to begin negotiations with city or the state TDC. 
        We are to bbe notified of the city decision.
        In any event an RFP or request for proposal will be prepared  to
seek a new coordinator by July 2010.

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