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  • Date: Sun, 6 May 2012 20:47:04 -0400

Please find the minutes at the bottom of this message.

Greetings TCB Members, and friends.


This message is to remind you that our next meeting of the Tallahassee Council 
of the Blind will be 

on:  Thursday 10,2012


At: Lighthouse of the Big bend,3071 Highland Oaks Terrace


If you want to have pizza, plan to arrive at 6:00 pm.  please send a return 
message so we know how much pizza to order.


The meeting will start at 6:45 pm and will be over at about 8:15 pm.




Hope to see you all there.

April 12, 2012 

Tallahassee Council of the Blind

Meeting Minutes


April 12, 2012 

The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:55 pm.  The following 
members were present:  William and Sally Benjamin, Jack and Georgia Kellogg, 
Mariann and Toni Laird, Carl McCoy, Jeanine Peters, Jennifer Chessher, Ray 
Malloy, Nancy Folsom, Shelley Sawyer, Sila Miller, Barbara Ross, Elizabeth 
Bowden, Trisha Kizer, Cathy Graham, Barbara Ross read the minutes, which were 
approved pending two corrections.  Sila Miller motioned, the minutes be 
accepted as presented with the two corrections.  Shelley sawyer seconded the 
motion, which passed without opposition.  Sila Miller presented the Treasurer's 
report.  There was no financial activity this Month.  Our beginning and ending 
balance was $1,4013.69 Franklin Templeton amount has decreased to $22,064.44.  
Carl McCoy moved approval of the report. Mariann Lard seconded the motion, 
which passed with no opposition.  


Garage Sale Report:  Sally Benjamin reported that the plans for the Garage sale 
were coming together.  Many arrangements were finalized regarding ice chests 
and distribution of items for sale.  Sally will be traveling out of the country 
for missionary work.  Sally Benjamin related that many members of her family 
had assisted her in organizing and cataloging items for the garage sale.  
Members felt that members of Sally's family should be given thank you cards.  


Transportation:  William Benjamin reported that there are still issues which 
haven't been pursued in this area.  Sila Miller suggested that tactile markings 
for bus stops be the next accommodation TCB should endorse.    


New Business:  William Benjamin reminded members that convention is 
approaching.  Convention Call has been sent out.  Information has not been put 
on the web page.  William reminded members that assistance can be provided to 
members in good standing, that is they will need to have attended at least six 
meetings throughout the year.  

Sally Benjamin reminded members that door prizes have been provided by our 
chapter in the past.  Sally motioned that four $25.00 prizes be donated by TCB. 
 The motion was seconded by Sila Miller, and passed without opposition.  
William Benjamin reminded members that summer is approaching and asked Barbara 
Ross whether an outing for the transition Program would be acceptable.  Wanda 
Stokley has volunteered to work with Barbara and the Lighthouse staff to plan 
the event.  Carl Mccoy motioned, and Nancy Folsom seconded a motion to give 
away one year's membership in TCB to one transition student.  The motion 
carried without opposition.  Barbara Ross presented the members with the large 
print ride guide, which can be obtained from Star Metro.   


Sila miller motioned meeting adjournment.  The motion carried unanimously. The 
meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:37 pm.  


Respectfully Submitted 

Elizabeth Bowden


William Benjamin, Piano Tuner Extraordinaire.
The tuner alone preserves the tone.

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