[tabi] Re: StarMetro consensus questions.

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You are still welcome at the Light House:  this Thursday from six to eight, and 
we will have pizza too.


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  The consensus is for a durable plate even if this means less are purchased. I 
have, however, found a company that says they can due a durable acrylic plate 
at a price point that allows for all stops to be covered. They sent me a sample 
and we are current evaluating it. Therefore, I am willing to take comments for 
a longer period of time as we evaluate this new plate. Thanks. 


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  Subject: StarMetro consensus questions.



  The NFB of Tallahassee met on March 4th and your e-mail was brought to our 
attention in reference to the questions about the braille signage and audible 
signal placement.  However, the date on your e-mail stated that you needed 
feedback by March 1st.  Is it too late for our input?  If not, please let me 
know when you need this information.

  Thank you,

  Sylvia Young, Secretary


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