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let me add my thanks to both of you and we appreciate your efforts in our 
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  Thank you both, Sally and Lynn for taking time to attend this meeting and 
discuss our concerns. I heard what a great job you both did in articulating 
examples of individuals' transportation difficulties and outlining specific 
  Again, many thanks!
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    Hello All,

    Yesterday I attended the Star Metro Meeting to represent TCB on the 
NOVA2010 plan. I am happy to report that all the questions and concerns were 
covered at this meeting. We even covered the negative side of things. My take 
on the new plan is that it is not that bad and if we work with them it still 
can change. The one thing to remember is that it is not a done deal.

    Some of the things that were covered were the lack of sidewalks, lack of 
bus stops that are accessable to all people, where the buses will go and how 
far they will go out. We talked about the safety of parking lots and many more 
things. And, they want to increase service to more hours and Sunday and night 
time. Again, remember, this is not a done deal and these meetings are for 
public imput to see how they can best make it work.  In fact, they have already 
made changes just from some public imput.

    Sally Benjamin

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