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StarMetro to hold Final Listening Sessions on nova2010
Public Input Sought on Route Decentralization Project

During the month of November, StarMetro will hold two final Listening Sessions 
to garner customer input on its route decentralization project titled 
Innovation in Transit or nova2010 for short. 


Listening Sessions will take place on:

-         November 6 at City Hall in the Tallahassee Room, located at 300 South 
Adams Street, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

-         November 10 at City Hall in the Tallahassee Room, located at 300 
South Adams Street, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. 


The nova2010 project aims to take the current downtown oriented route structure 
and break apart the structure to create a more grid-like system with routes 
running on main roads from north to south and east to west with many routes 
bypassing downtown's C.K. Steele Plaza. This new structure would create many 
transfer points scattered throughout the city.  


By traveling on major roads and eliminating route redundancies, a decentralized 
StarMetro route structure would offer customers:

-         Reductions in downtown transfers.

-         Reductions in travel time.

-         Reductions in carbon footprint.

-         Increases in on-time performance.

-         Increases in frequency (bus comes more often).

-         Increases in regional travel opportunities. 


"The ultimate goal of nova2010 is to create a transit system that better meets 
the needs of customers - direct, fast, forward," said Ron Garrison, executive 
director of StarMetro. 


StarMetro plans to launch the new, grid-like system in fall 2010.


For more information, please call StarMetro's main office at (850) 891-5200 or 
visit Talgov.com/starmetro. For additional project updates, please call the 
nova2010 hotline at (850) 891-5283 or email nova2010project@xxxxxxxxxxx 
Citizens may also follow updates on Facebook at 
www.facebook.com/nova2010project and Twitter at 


Sally Benjamin

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