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Thanks Sila.


I also wanted to mention that we've used a large appliance repairman for
years by the name of David Kirkland (Capitol City Refrigeration and
Appliance I believe is his company name).

His mobile is: 510-6687



He's fixed fridge, oven, washer and dryer, and even helped my
mother-in-law obtain a used washer because hers was beyond repair, and
she wanted one just like it (not some new electronic type), and so he
found one just like it for her and delivered and installed it!


Any more we just leave our house unlocked and tell him what needs
repair, and he calls us later to tell us how much it will be (or was).


He even got the fridge working by putting in the wrong model of
thermostat until the right model could be ordered.


And the electrician Charles recommended here on the list (John DuBose)
has been just as great, and we do the same thing with him (leaving the
house open and having him call us with the amount).


John's number is 545-4467.





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Hello Everyone,
Wanted to share a resource Robert and I recently found. Bass Appliance
Repair 850
590-9901. The owner's name is Craig Bass. He made a house call to see
about our ailing
talking microwave, Temo. She's happy and chugging right along now. We're
happy and
enjoying having a microwave again! Mr. Bass was very nice and
Hope this info is helpful.
Take care,    

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