[tabi] Sendero offers deep discounts on it's GPS products through the end of October

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BrailleNote and Braille Sense users, join the GPSAthon. This is Sendero's
innovative and somewhat radical pricing experiment. The harsh reality of the
relatively small blindness market is that prices are high because quantities
are low. This is your chance to get a good deal and potentially influence
future pricing.

The GPS software for either the BrailleNote or Braille Sense products,
including the VoiceNote and Voice Sense, lists for $1,598 including the
navigation hardware or $1,388 for GPS software and maps only.

During the GPSAthon, through the end of 2011, if 8 to 15 users purchase the
software directly from Sendero, the price will be $888. If 88 or more units
are purchased, the price will be $428 each. The more people who commit to
the purchase, the more the price goes down. We will combine purchases
worldwide and we will include both BrailleNote Sendero GPS and Sense
Navigation purchases. The exact sliding price schedule is listed at the end
of this email.

Note: This program is designed for individual users purchasing directly from
Sendero. Since the final price will be determined at the end of 2011, those
schools and agencies that require the product immediately for a student or
client should not participate in this program designed for individual
consumer purchases.

When you hit the purchase button, your credit card will be charged the
lowest quantity price of $428. At the end of December, we will email
everyone who has purchased and announce the final price, at which time your
card will be charged the difference between $428 and the final price.
Again, the highest price will be $888 and the lowest $428. Sendero will post
frequent updates on the latest count of purchases and the current price
level at http://senderogroup.com/products/gpsathon.htm

Don't miss out on this extremely powerful independence application for your
device. You already have the most expensive part of the equation, the
BrailleNote or Braille Sense. We are now providing you an affordable way to
add GPS.

Note: for most units, you will need a GPS receiver, available from Sendero
or elsewhere. You will also need a place to store the map files like an SD

The GPS software is downloadable along with maps for one region, for example
North America or Europe, which currently has 24 countries and more being
added. You also receive the next two year's upgrade for free unless you are
using Australia or New Zealand maps, which do not come with upgrades.

Quantity and Individual Price

Q8, $888,
Q16, $800,
Q24, $722,
Q32, $654,
Q40, $596,
Q48, $548,
Q56, $508,
Q64, $476,
Q72, $452,
Q80, $436,
Q88, $428.

Contact Sendero Group:
Toll free phone (US and Canada): 1-888-757-6810 Direct phone: +1 530

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