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That is a very good question, Daniel.  Why isn't this a federal crime?
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  Only in south florida.......  Now we see the truth...........  and why is 
this not a federal crime??????????  

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  here is the full article.


  Scared Publix customer sprays seeing-eye dog with bleach
  Sunrise resident cited for animal cruelty
  A seeing-eye dog had bleach squirted in its eyes at a Publix grocery store 
when a
  67-year-old woman intentionally sprayed the animal in an unprovoked attack, a 
  report says.
  The 5-year-old yellow Labrador retriever appeared uninjured, the report said, 
  Patricia Lawler, of Sunrise, was cited for animal cruelty and given a notice 
to appear
  after the 4:15 p.m. Saturday incident at the store at 10155 W. Oakland Park 

  Lawler told police she "thought it was a vicious animal" and feared it would 
be a
  danger to other customers, so she grabbed a spray bottle of Clorox cleaner 
off a
  shelf and sprayed the animal in the eyes and back.
  "I realize now it was a mistake," Lawler said when reached by telephone 
Monday. "I
  have a fear of dogs. It was just a big dog with a big head. I was just 
  Lawler said she takes medication for schizoaffective disorder, and paranoia 
is one
  the symptoms associated with her mental illness.
  The dog's owner, Ronda Carin Shore, 45, also of Sunrise, told police she is
   and keeps the canine with her at all times. It was wearing a service-dog 
vest, an
  assist handle and a placard, the report said.
  Shore declined to comment Monday.
  Although the dog wasn't exhibiting aggressive behavior, Lawler said she got 
  when she saw it and asked Shore to leave the store with the dog. When that 
  produce results, she said she resorted to the spray bleach to get rid of the 
  "I was afraid the dog would go wild, or some small child would get bitten, or 
  would get hurt," Lawler said. "I guess I overreacted. But I still feel like a 
  doesn't belong in a place like a grocery store."
  If convicted of the first-degree misdemeanor, Lawler faces up to a year in 
jail and/or
  a $5,000 fine.

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