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Dear Friends of StarMetro:

Please find below the press release detailing changes to StarMetro's route 
structure for August 2009.  We expect these to be the last changes we ever do 
to our existing system.  In fall 2010 StarMetro will implement our Nova 2010 
decentralization plan.  This will be a high-frequency system of only 11 routes 
with most not going to Steele Plaza downtown.  There will be many public 
meetings about Nova 2010 to present it to the community and to get feedback.  
But in the meantime, please familiarize yourselves with what is new in August.


Samuel L. Scheib

Senior Planner




CONTACT:  Brian Waterman, StarMetro Planning Director, 891-5564;
or Heather Harris, StarMetro Marketing Specialist, 891-5206

StarMetro Route Changes Effective August 1
Eight Routes Revised and Two New Routes Added

StarMetro, the City of Tallahassee's mass transit system, will change several 
routes effective Saturday, August 1. These include the addition of two new 
routes and revisions to eight existing routes. The changes also include the 
elimination of four routes, but by consolidating the overall system, passengers 
will be accommodated through use of the new or existing routes.

"With these service improvements, our patrons will experience increased 
efficiency and on-time performance, while also reaching new customers," said 
Ronald Garrison, StarMetro Executive Director.

Specific details on the route changes effective August 1 are available on the 
City's website at Talgov.com/StarMetro. A general summary of the changes 

·       Route 1 - revised to cover portions of discontinued route 9; revised 
route will include segment from Portland Ave. at Old Bainbridge Rd. to High Rd. 
at W. Tharpe St.

·       Route 3 - to be discontinued, but coinciding with new routes 53 and 54 
that will provide improved service to Tallahassee Community College students 
and new service to the Ghazvini Learning Center and other offices along 
Blountstown Highway.

·       Route 9 - to be discontinued (see route 1 information).

·       Route 10 - to be discontinued, but coinciding with route 18 that will 
provide more direct service along Mahan Dr. and Capital Circle N.E.

·       Route 12 - extends service on Mahan Dr. to Weems Rd., to provide new 
park-and-ride options for Buck Lake and Fallschase area residents.

·       Route 18 - revised (see route 10 information), and will now operate 

·       Route 20 - revised to serve the High Magnetic Laboratory and adjacent 
offices in the Innovation Park complex; also adds an additional stop for 
Florida State University's Alumni Village.

·       Route 21 - revised to include service to W. Tennessee St., Capital 
Circle N.W. and Commonwealth Blvd. Discontinued service along Blountstown 
Highway and Mission Rd. to be absorbed by new routes 53 and 54.

·       Route 25 - revised from an hourly route to service every half-hour, 
including service to Governor's Square.

·       Route 26 - revised to add service along Paul Russell Rd., Orange Ave., 
Blair Stone Rd. and Old St. Augustine Rd.; will also discontinue service to 
Governor's Square and Winewood Complex.

·       Route 28 - revised to cover portions of discontinued route 35; will run 
along W. Pensacola St., Appleyard Dr., Jackson Bluff Rd. and Ausley Rd.

·       Route 35 - to be discontinued (see route 28 information).

·       Route 53 - new route (see route 3 information).

·       Route 54 - new route (see route 3 information).

For more information, please contact StarMetro at 891-5200 or visit 


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