[tabi] Rights and responsibilities for disable graduate international students

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  • Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2015 21:06:46 -0400

Hello all,
Let me please introduce with you my stories with disability offices in
different universities.
I have been in the USA since Jan 2014 to study English at the Center for
Intensive English Study Florida State University. I got benefit from DBS after
6 months with few services from Disability office at FSU, furthermore, the
CIES Director and his staffs do not have enough idea how to act with visual
impairs person. than i moved last January to English Language Institute at
University of Delaware with same scenario except some good services from ELI
team. and finally, i started stating my degree as graduate candidate in MS
Global Affairs program Rutgers University Newark. The disability offices with
what ever names they have different levels of services for individuals
people. I thought it is quietly helpful for disable students, but their
practice with individuals students is not enough with a hundred support from
American Act of Disability.
Last Friday, i had a meeting with the director of Disability office at Rutgers
Newark. to fill out my accommodations form. She told me i am responsible for
my transportation on campus, as well as i do not allowed to ask anyone for
guide me between my classes. The Disability office just concord only the
required materials for my classes without any optional reading. I can record
my professor rather than have note taking services because students prefer to
take photos for their hand writing notes so that is still inaccessible to me.
I can not apply for additional funding because i register with International
Student Office that i have personal funding. that for disable students.,
so i lose my chance to gain additional funding for my family from different
agencies like disability organizations. In addition, TheAssociate Director
of Devision of Global Affairs told me that i can not request from my
professors email me any assignments even though i am unable to have that
materials in order to study or do my assignments. Of my point of view, i
strongly believe that the director of Disability office should have disability
because He/she can feel and understand what people with disability need and
what they have to do. For instance, The director of DSRC Florida State
University has disability, so she is very helpful and understandable with
individual people. However, i found different practice with director of RU
Disability Office. In the end, Everyone is welcoming to add his/her
prospective and advice me. what i should do. If you need therefore
information please feel free to ask me. I put my story to see different
concern and discuss the status of individual learners particularly in higher
I wish for all of you the best wishes.
Ali AlQuraini.
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