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What does this have to do with his question? He was asking if it would be of
a help if they got a foot in the door by starting getting the bus in the
mall on the weekend he said Saturday but I would think he would also include
Sunday on the list unless the bus doesn't run on Sunday. I don't see what
this has to do with race or slavery! Just my thoughts. Yes Saturday would be
better than nothing.

JP ( Joe Plummer)

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In the old days of segregation southern towns would only allow African
Americans to do their shopping in town on Saturday afternoons. 
No but thank you for asking. 

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        One other thought y'all.  What if StarMetro provided into the mall
service on Saturday only?  Would that help?





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        As some of you know from the paper, the final meeting of the TAC
will be this Thursday.  Our Chairman has requested that it be a meeting
without any further public comment so the TAC may deliberate and vote.  I
have all of your concerns, and feedback from the last meeting and will try
my best to take all of your positions into consideration that night.  I will
report to the group as to whether the measure passes or not, and by what
degree of majority.  


        Kevin Davis


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