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You are right and no you don't sound races at all. What is wrong is that we
the blind community don't have no representation. So there forth we don't
get anything. Yes we can speak up for ourselves but that don't put anyone up
their that can vote for us and that don't give us a lobbyist . Now that is
getting to the core of the problem. No one to represent us and don't have
any lobbyist to lobby for us. Lobbyist cost lots of money witch we really
don't have the money to hire any. The same for regular state, city and
county employees we don't have any lobbyist to represent us so we do with
out while everyone else gets their share. Just some of my thoughts.


JP ( Joe Plummer)

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Absolutely not, Kevin!!!!!!!  That limits our access to the goods and
services at the mall.   Often, because we have to work harder to be as
effective as our sighted colleagues, we are too tired to do the mall after
Star Metro is wasting tons of money in Dial-a-Ride training new part-time
drivers who leave, if they don't get in trouble for drugs or something,
leave when they find better jobs.
If Star Metro limits us to Saturdays-only in the mall, I'll be there
demonstrating with everyone else.
Please forgive me:  I'm not trying to sound racist here, but it seems that
areas of Tallahassee that are predominantly black, have had heaps of money
put into their laps, and we are only asking for the right to access the
goods and services Tallahassee has to offer.
Besides, since Tallahassee is the state capital, it should be leading the
way not sticking its own nose up its backside to provide even less service
than we have now.
Darla J. Rogers, B.A. M.S.
Home phone #:  850-329-7437
Do not allow someone else to be a priority in your life while allowing
yourself to be an option in theirs.--Ani Difranco

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