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The point about StarMetro's view-- hideously ironic as it is, given their business-- that people without cars are second-class citizens, not to be afforded the same consideration and services as their independently mobile counterparts, has already been fleshed out quite eloquently. Therefore, let me move on to the idea of "starting with" service to the mall on Saturdays.YES--

reread it if necessary-- Kevin JUST said Saturdays. You assume that
starting down this path will lead somewhere positive... Let me tell you what will happen to that "foot in the door": IT WILL BE SLAMMED ON! Have we learned NOTHING when comparing StarMetro's early promises (from "Listening Sessions" held September through November) to their current proposed route structure??
A la:
1) The promise of "No headway greater than 30 minutes!" has now degraded to 45 minutes on
some runs.
2) The glittering, seamless tapestry of "only very minor differences" between weekday service and night/weekend service has completely unraveled. In October, the proposal called for small omissions on nights/weekends-- just eliminating the office complex loops of some runs. As of the latest version, WHOLE ROUTES have been cut out.
Doesn't this seem VERY CLOSE to the service we NOW HAVE???
OH, WAIT, NO! The service we NOW have affords us the safety, security,
and assistance of transferring at a sheltered, accessible, auto-free,
manned facility!!

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