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honestly, it seams that this is going on all over the state.   county 
governments all over the state are trying like heck.  to get away with what 
ever we leet them get away with.  On Tue, 26 Jan 2010 21:05:34 -0500,  wrote:

>That certainly wouldn't work for me since the buses will not be running in  my 
>area either nights or weekends as of the newest revisions. That means I will  
>have no access to the mall whatsoever outside of dial-a-ride during normal  
>operating hours on the weekdays. Sincerely,      Scott Greenblatt  Esq. 
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>One other thought    yall.  What if StarMetro provided into the mall service 
>Saturday    only?  Would that help? 

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>As some of you know from the    paper, the final meeting of the TAC will be 
>this Thursday.  Our Chairman    has requested that it be a meeting without any 
>further public comment so the    TAC may deliberate and vote.  I have all of 
>your concerns, and feedback    from the last meeting and will try my best to 
>take all of your positions into    consideration that night.  I will report to 
>the group as to whether the    measure passes or not, and by what degree of 

>Kevin    Davis 

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