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Thanks a million for your responses, everyone.
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I did not receive any notifications either. I happened to get a
automated call from my school that it had been closed until 12 o'clock
and then took it upon myself to contact dial a ride, and even then
they did not address anything to have been changed.

On 2/26/16, Denyece Roberts MSW <peace05@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I did not receive a text nor phone call I just happen to be watching the
Channel 27.News

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On Feb 26, 2016, at 7:40 PM, Sila Miller <Silamiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello All,

I’m poling folks who had scheduled trips on the early morning (6 – 8 a.m.)
of Wednesday, 2/24 (day of the big blow). If this includes you, please
read on. If not, my apologies and please disregard.

Did you receive any notification (phone call, email, text, etc.) advising
that Dial-A-Ride services would not be available until after 8 a.m.?
If so, how were you notified?
Was it automated?

Thanks in advance for your off-list response.

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