[tabi] Re: Promotion of Florida’s White Cane Law in our city

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I think it is a great idea, and something we could all agree on.  Thanks Sila 
for bringing it up in advance of our next meeting.


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  Hello All:


  Here is my idea to promote the white cane law in Tallahassee.


  We all know by now the NOVA 2010 plan has passed the city commission 
unanimously. Soon Star metro will start putting the rest of the plan together. 
They will need to promote the plan. As they do their promotion with an element 
of rider safety why not have Star Metro include the white cane law in their 
promotion material. 


  Now if we could get the two local chapters NFB and ACB along with the 
lighthouse of the Big Bend on board with this it would be great!


  So what do you think?

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