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Sila, thanks for this information. I just started working on doing
something about the lack of movement on us state workers not having access
to complete our timesheets and other People first related tasks. I will
follow up with this guy. Hope we can do something.

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Hello All,

Some while back, there were attempts to work with the State of Florida
regarding the lack of accessibility with an application known as People
First. People First is Florida's self-service, web-based human resource
Information system. It allows users to apply for state jobs, electronically
complete and submit time sheets, view their leave balances, and manage other
state job benefits such as health, life, and dental. Unfortunately, our
efforts stalled and to date, not much in the way of progress (full
accessibility) has been realized.

Fortunately, an advocate friend is in process of delving further into this
dilemma. Below is the name and contact information of an attorney who is
gathering information and assisting. Please, if you have been adversely
affected by the lack of accessibility (applying for a state job,
electronically completing/submitting a state of Florida time sheet, viewing
leave balances, or managing other state job benefits) contact Mr. Labarre.
He wishes to obtain details about your experiences, efforts you've made to
remedy this injustice and to help in realizing full accessibility to anyone
needing access to this resource.

Scott Labarre, Attorney at Law
Email: slabarre@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: (303) 504-5979

Thanks in advance for getting involved to bring about complete


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