[tabi] Our hurricane adventure.

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Greetings all,
Wow!! What a week!! Richard and I are grateful for many things today. Mostly, we are very glad we get along well. We found out how important that is during the past several days. Like most of us here in Tallahassee, we lost power last Thursday evening at approximately 9 p.m. We thought, like most of us probably did, this would be a one or two-day adventure. Wrong!!!
The storm itself to me was really no big deal. Wind and rain, but I love a good storm. I have been through several hurricanes, and this one seemed fairly tame to me. However, Friday morning brought lots of debris in the yard, including one large tree that was not ours, and no power. We counted all of our necessary parts, examined and talked with our two dogs, checked over the house, and realized that we had come through it all okay. We had plenty of drinking water, and we have city water, so that was okay too. We were concerned about the stuff in the refrigerator and the freezers, but we figured power would be back on by the end of that day and we had a cooler, so we weren't too worried. WRONG AGAIN!!! During our hurricane adventure, we did a lot of talking and spending quality time together and that was a good thing. However, I experienced a good deal of frustration with the city officials. I just did not understand how such a seemingly small storm could almost completely destroy the city's total electrical system. However, I worked it through, and the kindness of friends and neighbors went a long way toward easing my feelings of anger and frustration. Thanks to kind friends and neighbors we were supplied with ice for the cooler, and the Red Cross even brought hot meals into our neighborhood. A friend came to get my cell phone, took it to her house to charge it up for me. Between the two of us, we ran down the batteries in 5 book readers, and we unfortunately lost quite a bit of food in the refrigerator and freezers because we couldn't keep it cold enough. To make a long story a little shorter, we finally got power back yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon at 4:30. In addition to the obvious things that we are thankful to God for, Richard and I have a new appreciationn for air conditioning, cool drinks, hot coffee and hot showers. Even in the summer, cold showers are not fun, even when they are necessary. I had to miss 4 days of work, but fortunately I have vacation time I can use. All in all, there is so much that we are so grateful for, but we are truly glad it is over; and we sincerely hope we don't need to have that experience again any time soon.

All the best from the Sawyer household.

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