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Hello All,
Please find below the information and agenda for the upcoming Transportation Disadvantaged Commission Board TDCB meeting. It's scheduled for this coming Wednesday. Thanks to Collene as always for forwarding the info.


Tallahassee - Leon County
Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board Meeting
Public Hearing
4:00 P.M.
Followed by the regular quarterly meeting
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Leon County Public Library
200 West Park Avenue
Program Room A
Members:  Please call Colleen Roland at 891-6812 by October 20, 2009,
if you are unable to attend the meeting.  If you have a disability
requiring accommodation, please contact the Capital Region
Transportation Planning Agency at  (850) 891-6800 at least 48 hours in
advance.  The telephone number of the Florida Relay TDD Service is 711.

If you desire to speak before the TDCB please complete a speaker
request form.  Staff is available to help you complete the form, if

1.Community Transportation Coordinator’s Report  (Ms. Donna Peacock)
Ms. Donna Peacock of StarMetro will present the Coordinator’s Report.
The report is included as attachment 1.

Items from Members  This agenda item is reserved for items from TDCB

Items from Staff  (Ms. Colleen Roland)
2010 Meeting Dates  Staff is requesting approval of the following
meeting dates and times for 2009.
January 20, 2010  4 P.M.
April 21, 2010, 4 P.M.
July 21, 2010, 4 P.M.
October 20, 2010 (Public Hearing) 4 P.M.

TDCB Action:  Approval of the meeting dates and times for 2010

Survey Results  As part of the implementation of the Transportation
Disadvantaged Service Plan, the staff completed rider surveys.  Surveys
were completed with passengers who rode the system during June 2009.

Overall analysis of the findings indicates that while some of the
scores were down, some of the most human qualities of the system have
been sustained or improved, namely safety, and driver/reservationist
courtesy. The response rate to the written survey was a significant 35%.
The results are enclosed as Attachment 2.

Meeting Minutes  The minutes from the August meeting is enclosed as
Attachment 3.

TDCB Action:  Approval of minutes.

Adjournment  (Commissioner Rackleff)Next meeting:  January 20, 2010 at
4 PM
Box A19

Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board

2009 User Survey

SCORING:  Excellent = 5, Good = 4, Needs Improvement = 3, Unacceptable
= 2
Note that not all respondents answered all questions

How would you rate the performance of StarMetro, the Community
Transportation Coordinator (CTC)?

2009 2008 2007 2006

3.90 3.96 4.5 4.1

How would you rate the CTC’s management of the transportation
operators or carriers?  (Please circle one)

2009 2008 2007 2006

3.89 3.96 4.5 4.4

How would you rate the Community Transportation Coordinator’s
ability to meet your needs?   (Please circle one)

2009 2008 2007 2006

3.82 3.84 5 4.2

4.  Based on your experiences with this transportation service, how
would you rate the system on the following issues:

(5) Excellent  (4) Good   (3) Needs Improvement  (2) Unsatisfactory

Courtesy of reservationists

2009 2008 2007 2006

4.28 4.04 5 4.3

Courtesy of drivers

2009 2008 2007 2006

4.51 4.21 4.5 4.3

Safe Driving

2009 2008 2007 2006

4.60 4.37 4.5 4.4

Condition of vehicle interior

2009 2008 2007 2006

4.49 4.15 4.5 4.5

Condition of vehicle exterior

2009 2008 2007 2006

4.43 4.15 4.5 4.4

Time on board vehicle

2009 2008 2007 2006

4.03 3.70 5 4

Timeliness of initial pickup

2009 2008 2007 2006

3.91 3.63 4.5 3.9

Timeliness of pickup for return trip

2009 2008 2007 2006

3.68 3.62 4.5 3.7

Availability of wheelchair accessibility when requested

2009 2008 2007 2006

4.26 4.50 5 4

During the last 12 months have you reported any complaints that were
(Use the space below. If additional space is needed, please use the
back of this survey.)
Buses shake too
Drivers:  John needs to stop using profanity
pick up times are the pits unless you get Ernest.
Mr. Van needs to be less argumentative and confrontational.
He is very unpleasant to deal with
made complaint, no follow up was
The help getting on the transportation bus is excellent - thank you
all Big John is usually very vulgar in his language even when women are on
But he is very courteous and considerate. The best driver is Mr.
I called one complaint, but no one ever contacted me about the issue,
Issue hasn't occurred again
No, I be looking forward to the van because I don't have any other ride

I like Big Bend Transit and the drivers
Mr. Ernest is a blessing to me and everyone he meets

5.  Please describe any of your unmet transportation needs:
Can't get ride to Senior
night-weekend bus
prescription pick up food shopping eye glasses
That I need help finding a
dispatch seems to need help. They have time to follow up when bus is
late Yes I did report that the driver did not help me getting off the
transportation bus.
And I got hurt. but the drivers are very helpful now
made a pickup for doctor's visit and they sent the bus on wrong day so
I had to make other arrangements
no longer can get to food shopping, pharmacy or necessities at the
mall They meet all my need.  Thank you, Martha Mitchell
They do good, but sometimes they be 1 hour late
on 9-4-09 they didn't pick me up a mistake on their behalf
I am very happy with the transportation that I am getting now Thank
Thank you all
One driver had a bad attitude toward me, yes, I did

The following questions are not directly related to the transportation
service you receive, but may help future planning for alternatives to
existing transportation choices:

As with most other goods and services, the cost of providing
transportation is increasing.  Two of the ways that rising costs might
be met is by increasing the rider co-payment or increasing the time
spent on the bus.  If you only had these two choices, which would you
prefer? (Please note that some riders are sponsored by a variety of
agencies that do not require co-payments, so this question may not apply
to everyone.)

_____8____Increasing my time on the bus.
______19__Increasing my co-payment.  If you checked this one, please
answer the following:

At what co-payment increase would the service become unaffordable?

__13_____ 50 cents to $1 more
___9__      1 dollar to $1.50 more
___1___    1.50 to $2.00 more
___4__      above $2.00 more

7.  Do you have access to a City Bus (StarMetro)  ___8__yes

8.  If yes, is their safe passage (meaning sidewalks, crossing signals,
etc.)  from your house or employment to the nearest bus stop?
___4__yes     ___1__no

9.  Do the conditions of (or absence of a sidewalk) near your house or
employment limit your personal transportation options?   _9_yes

If your answer to #8 was yes, can you tell us the location where
sidewalks need to be installed or where existing sidewalks need
repaired? _________
none given_____________________________________


Tallahassee - Leon County
Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board Meeting
4:00 P.M.
Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Gemini Building
Conference Room, Second Floor
408 North Adams

Present:  Calvert Durden, Ted Waters, (ex-officio) William Benjamin,
Karl McCoy, Lisa Spikes, Dottie Hinkle, Vinessa Strickland (via
telephone), Commissioner Bob Rackleff, Chair.

Staff Present:  Donna Peacock, Starmetro, Colleen Roland, Capital
Region Transportation Planning Agency.

Guests Present:  Leigh Davis, Leon County, Sally Benjamin, Jim Jordan


Public Comment  William Benjamin introduced a resolution from FIRE.  At
his request, Donna Peacock read the resolution that requested that all
incoming calls to the CTC be recorded.  There was a discussion regarding
costs and timing.  Vinessa Strickland offered advice regarding getting
into the FDOT work program for that type of expense.

Community Transportation Coordinator’s Report  (Ms. Donna Peacock)
Ms. Donna Peacock of StarMetro presented the Coordinator’s Report.

She also presented the Annual Operating Report (AOR).  She reviewed a
summary of the report and the statistics over a five-year period,
including the number of unduplicated riders.  The TDCB showed their
appreciation for her efforts and requested that planning staff produce a
report highlighting these details.

Items from Members
Commissioner Rackleff spoke of the recent National Association of
Counties meeting, and his role on the transportation committee.  He
spoke of the need for sidewalks.  Karl McCoy and William Benjamin spoke
of the absence of a sidewalk outside the Lighthouse for the Blind, and
how it was an obstacle to the bus.

Leigh Davis from Leon County spoke to the efforts of getting Tiger
Funds for additional sidewalk work.

Items from Staff  (Ms. Colleen Roland)
Update:  Bylaws Ms. Roland advised that each year the TDCB must update
their bylaws.  Staff recommended no changes.

TDCB Action:  Approved ratification (Benjamin, Hinkle)

Update:  Grievance Processes   Ms. Roland advised that the TDCB must
update or ratify their Medicaid and TD Grievance Processes.  Staff
recommended no changes.

TDCB Action:  Approved ratification (Benjamin, Hinkle)
Minutes:  The minutes of the May meeting were approved (Hinkle,

TDCB Action:  Approval of the April minutes.

Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan Update.  Ms. Roland reported
that the Service Plan must be reviewed annually to meet state statutory
requirements.  The Service Plan has been reviewed and staff recommends
no changes.

TDCB Action: Approval of Ratification of the Transportation
Disadvantaged Service Plan. (Benjamin, Hinkle)

5.    Adjournment  (Commissioner Rackleff)  The meeting adjourned at
5:10 PM

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