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I think the audio thing is great. I just don't know if it will have the
money in the budget for this. These things cost a lot of money. Just some
thoughts to ponder.



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In view of the entire goings on, I thought I would write a little on what is
happening with the NOVA new bus schedule.   As many of you know, not only
did Sam Scheib come to our TCB meeting, but he brought the entire team to
put down rumors and take suggestions for the new plan.   What follows is
what I can think of now, but there will be lots more to come.


With MiccosukeeHills,, I made the suggestion that they compromise and
instead of stopping on the road, where there is a ditch, and driving all
threw the complex,at least pulling into the parking lot where folks could
come and meat the bus.   He immediately thought that would be a good
suggestion for a compromise.


I also asked about the governors Square Mall, I pointed out that just by
virtue that there is handicapped parking up close to the building, that the
state and federal government know the danger of walking threw un controlled
traffic.   Again he said he would take that to heart and had his secretary
write it down.


After Sam left our meeting he called and told us that he had been working on
our suggestions and had one of his own.   He is per posing putting in
audible signals at every place where there is a transfer that requires
crossing the street.   Folks, this amounts to sum 39 audible signals and I
think it is something to be commended.


You all know that White Cane Days is coming up on Thursday and Sally and my
Tallassee chapter of Lions are going to be out in forse.   We will be
carrying signs at Magnolia and call, as well as Capital Circle and Mahan.
We will have sleep shades for members and others to use to cross the street
and I have plenty of white canes for them to experience.   Sam's public
relations person along with our Lions president, Ray Maloy will be inviting
the media.   They have already contacted the police department and they have
shown a willingness to work with Star Metro on traffic issues.


I think this new bus plan has left us with a great opportunity to get some
concessions before we are left behind.   It has come after years of hard
work and you our blind citizens are the ones to thank.   Please let us all
know if you hear any new news on this subject and we will all be working
together, rather than pulling against each other.


PS, Sam and his team will be back to TCB after the first of the year and
staying as partners in this.






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