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here is some info from another list on Nokia and Mobile Speak:
consider platform as much as access technology. For one thing, Windows
Phone, also known as Windows Mobile 7, which is the current version of
Windows for smart phones is not accessible to the blind, and will not
work with any speech access software. Also, Nokia has plans to abandon
its current platform, and will most likely go with Windows Phone. So if
you are buying for the future, it would not make sense to invest in
either Talx or Mobile Speak, because until Windows Phone is made
accessible, these programs will have no market."

This person went on to argue that the I-phone is the only viable
platform for a smart phone for the visually impaired at this time.  Yes,
he did know about the recent advances in making Android accessible, but
he described Android's accessibility as still being "hit or miss" in

He went on to say if you don't like the idea of an I-phone being locked
to only one of two carriers, you can go to EBay and buy an unlocked
I-phone, but you'll pay a lot more for it, as the cost is subsidized
heavily by these two carriers when you buy a locked phone with them.






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        Hi, I would like to know if any of you have used the Nokia
phones with MS ( Mobile Speak)? I am especially interested in the Nokia
E71 and MS, but Nokia and MS in general is ok. Thanks for any input.




        JP ( Joe Plummer)



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