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Hi Chip,

I spoke to Wanda and the meeting will be for the issues and questions about 
Dial A Ride and not the fixed bus route system and accessibility to there web 
site or schedules.  This is unfortunate since the bus system is the reason Dial 
A ride is in the mess it is and there request to meet with the city resulted in 
Brian canceling the meeting he recommended. Apparently Star Metro and the City 
Manager's office doesn't under stand that there are two issues on the table.  I 
was hoping to get the ear of the two city officials that are suppose to be at 
the meeting pertaining to the lousy bus system.  Also I don't think many people 
from the public will attend since there is very little to no transportation in 
Tallahassee after 7 PM. Wanda did say she would give me a chance to express my 
concerns so I am going to the meeting.
 What a better way to not hear about transportation problems by not providing 
transportation to people who depend on it and don't drive.
I think I am going to just go ahead and file my complaint with the FTA based on 
inequality of access to public transportation based on what    part of the city 
you live in.  It is ridiculous that certain parts of the city get service more 
frequently and some area's have service much later than others.  Does the city 
stop fire service or police protection adt different times based on where you 
live or the amount of fires or crime in your area.
I also plan to base the complaint on inaccessible drop off locations for wheel 
chairs and unsafe conditions for guide dog and cane users.

Thanks for passing along the info from Brian,  I won't hold my breath on that 
one since for over two years Star Metro has said they word working on and would 
be installing the recording software for the phone system Sila ask for about 4 
or 5 years ago, way back when Donna Peacock was there.  I think Owen is correct 
about the lying part and that doesn't cost the city any thing until someone 
files suit and wins.


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  Good point about the public being invited to this meeting; I have no idea as 
to the size of the meeting room, but it's probably too late at this point to 
change the venue (you'd have to reschedule to be sure that everyone got the 
word, and I doubt that will happen).


  FYI, yesterday I received an email from Brian Waterman which directly 
addresses some of your concerns:



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  During our last conversation, I made a promise to send information to Google 
to get GoogleTransit up an running for Tallahassee. With Charles back from 
vacation, we are starting to work on this task. Here is our timeline. We are 
also working with our vendor (Trapeze) to address the accessibility issues with 
our current trip planner. We are hoping to roll out additional technology and 
apps this summer. Let me know if you have any questions.







  Week of June 9: Meet with ISS department to download required GTFS software.

  Week of June 16: Download latest GTFS data from TRAPEZE and fix any errors 

  new software.

  Week of June 23: Complete any remaining tasks and submit completed GTFS data 
to Google.

  *Dates may shift depending on unforeseen obstacles.


  Charles Main - Planner II

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