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Hi Sally,

Is this meeting open to the public since this matter affects many people who 
aren't members of TCB.  If so I am concerned that the light house doesn't have 
a meeting room large enough to handle all the people.  Also can you explain the 
scope of the meeting since I am familiar with the issues raised by TCB but 
there are also other issues that are of concern pertaining to the fixed bus 
route system and the inaccessibility of there web site and scheduling 
information.  If the meeting is open to the public
  has there been any effort to notify people and organizations such as NFBF.  
Unfortunately I think a lot of people won't come due to the late notice and the 
fact there isn't any public transportation available to get home after the 
meeting.  I would ask Brian if it would be possible to make Dial A ride service 
available since this is a transportation issue.  Also unless this has changed 
it use to be a requirement of the TDC board to provide transportation to public 
meetings that affected there policies so this may be another option that 
Colleen Roland can work out with Dial A ride.

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  Hello TCB Members and friends,


  Our next TCB Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 12. The meeting will 
start at 6:00 PM and finish at 8:00 PM., so we can have time for our speakers. 
We will be having Ivan Maldonado, Star Metro, Colleen Roland who is on the 
Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board along with the City of 
Tallahassee's Citizen Advocate and Assistant City Manager. If you would like 
Pizza please come at 5:30 PM and join us or bring your own food. The place is 
the Lighthouse of the Big bend. The address is: 3071 Highland Oaks Terrace.


  We look forward to seeing each of you there.


  Sally Benjamin




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