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My only thought is that they are rather more expensive than just a laptop,
and I'm not sure that a blind person would get anything out of just a
tablet.  I think you're paying for technology which, at best you can't use,
and at worst will constantly make your mouse jump around as you accidentally
touch it, and then you're typing somewhere you don't mean to be. (I think
most blind laptop users, for instance, disable the touchpads on their


I think for the same price as a 5 pound tablet, you could have a ultra
laptop in the 2 pound range.


Of course, maybe this changes if you're partially sighted; maybe you can
actually enjoy the tablet, I don't know.  Can't say though that I have even
a sighted friend buying these tablets, so something about them isn't making
them fly off the shelves.






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Hi, have any of you used these new Transformer PC's ? That is a laptop and
tablet in one.  You can unattached the keyboard from the display and the
display is now a tablet! So now you have a say windows 8 pro or 8.1 pro
tablet and then when you hook the display back to the keyboard you now have
a Windows 8 laptop running windows 8 pro or windows 8.1 pro. Any thoughts on
this ? I thought this is a good idea then you have both worlds. 








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