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here's the article from today's Democrat, which has a summary of the
route changes:

July 30, 2009
StarMetro changes routes Saturday
By Jay Christie
Beginning Saturday, Tallahassee's StarMetro will be making several
changes to its
transit system. The plan includes revisions to eight routes and the
addition of two
new ones. Four routes will be eliminated, but Ronald Garrison, executive
of StarMetro, said the system will be more efficient.
Some of the changes include Route 26, which has been revised to add
service along
Paul Russell Road, Orange Avenue, Blair Stone Road, and Old Augustine
Road. It will
discontinue service to Governor's Square mall and the Winewood complex.
Route 12
will extend service on Mahan Drive to Weems Road.
"We wanted to provide more service with the same or fewer resources,"
Garrison said.
"With these service improvements, our patrons will experience increased
and on-time performance."
Garrison said StarMetro held sessions with bus drivers, riders, and the
public before
taking action.
"We are trying to improve on top performance," he said. "We have made
progress. We have not received any complaints. We're always looking for
ways to make
the routes better."
Ridership has increased by 13 percent, he said.
Mark Taylor, a Tallahassee resident who uses the bus as his primary
said the change may be a good idea.
"Eliminating routes is a good start to improve StarMetro's use of
manpower and eliminate
redundancy," Taylor said. "This is the capital of Florida, you'd expect
to have better
transportation here than anywhere in the state."
Additional Facts
Star metro changes
d Route 1: revised to cover portions of discontinued route 9; revised
route will include
segment from Portland Ave. at Old Bainbridge Rd. to High Rd. at W.
Tharpe St.
d Route 3: to be discontinued, but coinciding with new routes 53 and 54
that will provide
improved service to Tallahassee Community College students and new
service to the
Ghazvini Learning Center and other offices along Blountstown Highway.
d Route 9: to be discontinued (see route 1 information).
d Route 10: to be discontinued, but coinciding with route 18 that will
provide more
direct service along Mahan Dr. and Capital Circle N.E.
d Route 12: extends service on Mahan Dr. to Weems Rd., to provide new
options for Buck Lake and Fallschase area residents.
d Route 18: revised (see route 10 information), and will now operate
d Route 20: revised to serve the High Magnetic Laboratory and adjacent
offices in the
Innovation Park complex; also adds an additional stop for Florida State
Alumni Village.
d Route 21: revised to include service to W. Tennessee St., Capital
Circle N.W. and
Commonwealth Blvd. Discontinued service along Blountstown Highway and
Mission Rd.
to be absorbed by new routes 53 and 54.
d Route 25: revised from an hourly route to service every half-hour,
including service
to Governor's Square.
d Route 26: revised to add service along Paul Russell Rd., Orange Ave.,
Blair Stone
Rd. and Old St. Augustine Rd.; will also discontinue service to
Governor's Square
and Winewood Complex.
d Route 28: revised to cover portions of discontinued route 35; will run
along W. Pensacola
St., Appleyard Dr., Jackson Bluff Rd. and Ausley Rd.
d Route 35: to be discontinued (see route 28 information).
d Route 53: new route (see route 3 information).
d Route 54: new route (see route 3 information).


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Database Administrator
Florida Public Service Commission

(850) 413-6314

 (Any opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not
necessarily reflect those of the Florida Public Service Commission.)



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        Hello All:
        And they are as inaccessible as ever. 
        I will be working on some kind of bus schedule that can be put
on a flesh card for the Victor Reader Stream. Some thing basic that want
take too long for someone to arrow down through to find the information
they require. 
         I guess it would be a text file.
        or really go high tech with a DAISY file. 
        Anyone do DAISY?
        If anyone has any ideas please let me know. 
        The new schedule starts this Saturday!

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