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Yes Adam you describe my experiences exactly. I had good experience with going 
to places using two buses and one transfer. The whole thing bogs down time wise 
when the third bus is added to the trip. 


I am still struggling to find the bus stop signs. (Pardon the lady's 
sensitivities on this list) I approach each an every pole and it reminds me of 
the little dog we take care of sometimes. 




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  So far I have taken the bus to and from work about 7 times and the duration 
for me is about an hour which is the same as the old system.  However, my trip 
is much more uncomfortable.  Instead of walking two blocks to the bus stop that 
was one of the 5 deciding factors in my house purchase 11 years ago, I now have 
to walk over a half mile and cross a very busy Park av.  I then ride to the 
plaza and walk to the Turlington building and wonder what new construction 
obstacles I will run into along Gaines Street.  Needless to say by the time I 
get to work I'm frustrated and covered in sweat.  I might be able to ride more 
and walk less but would have to transfer 3 times and still walk a long distance 
from my house.  

  Yesterday I wanted to go to Banyan Bay apartments off Miccosukee from work.  
I called star metro to ask for directions on this rout and spoke with a 
friendly person.  I would have had to transfer 3 times to get there from work.  
I decided not to try it but changed my mind after walking from work to the 
plaza.  I found out from the person working the ticket booth that I could take 
the Dogwood route out to Thomasville road and transfer to the San Louis.  I 
figured one transfer was not too bad.  I then enquired how I would find the bus 
stop at my transfer point and was told "the driver will help you".  So, the 
driver did help by giving me some pretty simple directions and I followed them 
but did not find the familiar feeling busstop pole.  Fortunately there were 
lots of people around and a nice guy who was jogging helped me find the stop.  
The driver must have forgot to tell me the stop was around another corner.  I 
did get to my destination and it took an hour and 45 minutes.  

  I think that us blind riders are going to find it a challenge figuring out 
all the details of finding their way at each transfer point.  Hopefully I will 
be on dial-a-ride soon but will miss the old bus system that sort of made a 
little sense for Tallahassee that is shaped like a wheel with cap circle going 
around the town and the hub in the center of town.  I think modifying the old 
design with a few more places to transfer and 2 or 3 routes running along the 
main roads in Tally would have made a bit more sense.  I hope Nova 2010 will 
change and improve cause I don't find it very practical to use IMO.  
  "The people may be made to follow a path of action, but they may not be
  made to understand it."

  -        Confucius ca. 480 B.C. 

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    Monday and Tuesday afternoons went great: 2 hours total from the time I 
left my house near Northwood Center, picked up my daughter at Mission San Luis, 
and got back home-- missed having the expected 30 minute layover out by DEP 
(Hartsfield Rd.) because the Tennessee Street bus was so late. Wednesday 
afternoon was a different story: waited on Hartsfield Rd for 70 minutes-- 40 
more than expected-- got a nice sunburn, too. 
    This system is surely no better for me.
    "Next to Text" feature worked some of the time. Of course, knowing when the 
next bus is SUPPOSED to be by doesn't change the reality...
    Perhaps the most frustrating thing was STANDING on west Tennessee St., at 
the edge of the Greyhound bus parking lot, waiting for a bus, looking over at 
that oasis of shade (also featuring water fountains, soda machines, benches and 
restrooms) known as C. K. Steel Plaza!! 

    Fortunately, I missed being caught in the rain on Thursday and Friday 
afternoons-- because I called a friend to pick up my daughter!!
    I have heard several stories of buses not coming at all... 
    I think this system only works best if your business is on the same route 
as your home!! How unrealistic!

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