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  • Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 18:33:24 -0400

I am not sure I can add much to what Sally has already said, but let me try.

I feel comfortable in letting you know that all the concerns expressed on TABI 
were left at the meeting this past Monday at the Senior Center. There was a 
husband and wife there and they just about covered everything for the rest of 

Points that were brought up:

With the implementation date of August 2010 it is already a done deal Changes 
have been made in the plan already and if the date needs to be changed it will. 

The couple had made a suggestion to improve the route closer to where they live 
and Star Metro changed the route. 

It looks to me like riders will give up bus stops closer to home to get service 
that will run more frequently. 

Businesses such as the Malls may be asked to provide added sidewalks to their 
front doors. This was my take on what was said. 

There was a discussion about the arrogance of Star Metro to think they knew 
where riders lived. The concern was getting the busses close enough to living 
areas for seniors and people with disabilities. It was pointed out that blind 
people live all over the city.  

This is my concern or I should say our concern. I may have to walk down to the 
street where I live to get the bus. However my neighbor is just not going to 
make with the legs this person has. 

We expressed a need to get the power point presentation in an accessible format 
along with details on the new changes.  

Stay tuned for the meeting place near you. 

The next meeting is Monday September 28 at the Senior Center from 11:30 to 1. 

Star metro will be at the next ACB meeting in October.

Also Star Metro will come out to the Miccosukee Hills Apartments on Wednesday, 
October 14 but I don't have the time yet. 

©star metro

nova 2010


the nova2010 mission objective.


Nova2010 represents the next big innovation in Tallahassee transit. Since the 
StarMetro brand was born three years ago, we have successfully redeveloped 
services for FAMU, FSU and TCC, while introducing new service to previously 
unreached areas, such as SouthWood and Killearn. In addition, we have added 
rider amenities like wireless internet access, smart farebox technologies and 
larger shelters with more comfortable benches.
With nova2010, StarMetro will reach the next stage of its evolution. By 
decentralizing the current route structure, nova2010 will increase shuttle 
frequency at StarStops, reduce route redundancies and provide greater coverage
around the city - catapulting StarMetro as a viable option for regional travel.
before / after
what can nova2010 do for you?

.f Reduce Redundancy
.f Reduce Travel Time
4- Reduce Carbon Footprint
.f Increase On-Time Shuttle Service
.f Increase Frequency (less wait between shuttles)
^Increase Opportunities for Regional Travel
more information:
Hotline:        (850) 891-5283
Website:        www.talgov.com/starmetro
Email:  nova201 Oproject@xxxxxxxxxx
Facebook:       www.facebook.com/nova201 Oproject
Twitter:        www.twitter.com/nova201 Oproject


The new decentralized transit system allows you to get from point A to point B 
more easily by locating transfer points across the city rather than at a single 
central location. Gone are the days of having to go downtown to transfer routes 
at C.K. Steele Plaza. This will allow for quicker

commutes as well as a higher-frequency of shuttles arriving at your favorite 
StarMetro stops. Come participate in our listening sessions to make your 
StarMetro system the best it can be. For details, please visit us online, 
follow us on Facebook, or call our hotline.



Chub-ancl-spoke' route structure)



One major transfer point where 95% of transfers occur 17% of average commute is 
waiting for the shuttle Redundancy: Up to 5 shuttle routes using same street 
Less efficient: More trips through neighborhoods

Greater coverage: 5-13 transfer stations
Shorter commutes and improved headways
(10 minutes in between shuttles)
More StarStops on major roads
Stops focus on employment, shopping and recreational centers


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