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I can see that there is ideas and concessions to be made on both sides, but if we had waited for every bus stop to be accessible, we wouldn't have a bus line today. I don't want you to think every harsh word I say was leveled at you, but when I asked for suggestions about which transfers needed audible signals, I got suggestions that were not even on the routs and suggestions about where the lines should go. Now I'm not saying suggestions cant be helpful, but this has become so fragmented that it could cost more than burning finger tips on the keyboard. I would bet you have to compromise sometimes when decisions are being made about databases. We are all going to have to give a little, but I don't want the ones who yell the loudest to step on anyone who is just a little gentler and kinder. I'm not saying I am the most quiet in this, but there are people coming to me saying they want nothing to do with it and all this bickering.

I would not be surprised if this plan goes forward, but I would rather make a difference and help shape it as it goes along, rather than throwing the baby out with the bath water.

I truly am glad Erica called me at the beginning of this and said, we might disagree about this, but lets not let it ruin our friendship. Senitors and congressmen disagree and they do in fact get along. The ones that can't get along wonder why they are a lone horse.

What will be the next issue to come before us. Even when it does, there will be two sides and some will get over it and some wont. I am going to deal with this issue the best I can and with the next one too. As for friendship, I take that very seriously and would not let one post come between you and me.



I am keeping this out in the open where it started and I won't sneek around behind anyone's back.

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