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  • Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 14:52:44 -0400

Hello Everyone:


This one is for those folks who have not as of yet signed up for the NLS BARD 
service. Sooner or later those new NLS digital players will be showing up in 
your mail box and at your doorstep. I just want you to be ready to start 
downloading your books as apposed to getting your books in little blue boxes in 
your mailbox. Now it's ok to get your books by mail but it is oh so 20th 


I just found out today the new players software can be updated from a NLS by 
the patron. Also our regional library can put the update on a cartridge along 
with the book you request and the player will be updated when you insert the 
cartridge to read the book. It seems the latest version of the software allows 
two books on a cartridge instead of just one book. If you decide to use a 
memory stick you can do the same with two books. 


So here is the link for the BARD site: Just look for the link that says BARD 
Application Instructions and enter on that.



Last but not least this is an article about the BARD SITE. It is a rather 
lengthy article so I will give you the link. 



The first part gives some history about the BARD site. Some talk about how NLS 
got to this point. 


The rest of the article describes the function and process of downloading a 

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