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Not a problem. This detour will be repeated next month. I will keep everyone 
posted when I have the dates.

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Thank you again Brian; this notification via TABI of bus system changes is 
working out wonderfully well for us.


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FYI. The southbound Moss will travel east on Tharpe to Gibbs Drive, travel 
south to 4th, turn left on 4th, then turn left on Macomb, and travel to Old 
Bainbridge where it continues the route.

Brian S. Waterman, AICP
Transit Planning Manager
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Subject: Moss Detour

On Monday and Tuesday (June 16 and 17), Old Bainbridge will be closed between 
Brevard and 7th Avenue. Attached is a map of the Moss Detour.

Mandy, please post this detour on social media.

Supervisors, let the Moss drivers know of this change and please include a 
message on the AVL for drivers on the Moss route to make announcements today 
and throughout the weekend.

Planning will post stops on all inactive bus stops this afternoon and notify 
dispatch, the front desk, and the call center.

Charles Main – Planner II
555 Appleyard Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32304

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