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  • Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 11:09:26 -0400 (EDT)

 I felt compelled to thank Tricia K. for her laborious transcription of the 
ENTIRE menu for Milano Pizzeria, and didn't want to waste her efforts on a 
select few...so please see the attached file.
Then I got to thinking, why not let everyone know what I do about this great 
restaurant, owned by the same guy who owns Village Pizza in Killearn? YAY!? The 
staff is friendly and the food is great! They have indoor and outdoor dining 
(some covered, some not), as well as a (non-private, but out of the way, and 
spacious) back room which can be reserved for parties up to about 16-20. 

After a summary of the menu, you'll see their contact info and tips to get 
there easily.

They have a pretty extensive menu, which I'll try to summarize, then give the 
link to. Categories are: 
   Appetizers- including wonderful wings... and mild, cheesy jalepeno poppers!!
   pizzas- by the slice starting at $2.75, or in sizes "baby" (serves 1, 
$8-10), small, medium, large, XL ($21-26)
   gyros- $6-$9
   veal, seafood, chicken, veggie- served with pasta, garlic roll, and 
salad/soup $12-$15
   salads- small dinner/side salad $3.25; entree salads w/ garlic roll $5-$9
   pastas & baked pastas- served with garlic roll and salad/soup- $9-$11
   calzones & stromboli- $8-9; their steak stromboli is to die for!! You might 
take 1/2 of any of these home!
   philly cheese steak & other subs- $6-$7
 drinks- tea, coke products, teas, lemonade; they also have wine, beer, and a 
full bar.
   They have 2 anytime specials: a) 2 slices cheese pizza plus drink for $6 or 
b) a philly cheese steak sandwich for $6.
     Their full menu (PDF) is at: 
Their phone number is 270-9100. Their address is 1940 North Monroe St.,since 
this stand-alone building is considered a subpart of Northwood Centre. However, 
please read the following about their location: 
They are located just west (on Tharpe St.) of the northwest corner of M L King 
and Tharpe Streets. 

There is a Pro Bank on that corner of the intersection; Milanos is very close 
to Tharpe St., but set back a ways, yet visible, from ML King.
      You can get there 2 ways: 
      1) Go up a short, steep driveway off of Tharpe St. and the building will 
be on your left. 
      OR 2) Enter the main Northwood Centre entrance on ML King and go 
southwest (about 10:00) through the parking lot, following the mall building 
around to the left, past the state offices, past the old Publix, around a right 
hand corner, and you'll see the building off across the parking lot at about 
      The Big Bend, Evergreen and Gulf buses all go to this well-governed 
intersection (no audible signal, but pretty orderly). 
Hope this is helpful!


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