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As some may know, Microsoft has had a survey to gather feedback on
accessibility experiences with our products for a bit off of
www.microsoft.com/enable.  It is under the link to "provide accessibility


Although the questions are the same in a new survey, we've recently started
working with a different company for this survey.  The direct link to the
survey is at https://survey2.securestudies.com/wix/p273342712.aspx.


If anyone has a few minutes and wants to give this version of the survey a
try, I'd be interested in your experiences using this version.  Better yet
if as you try the survey, you give us feedback about our actual products and
such.  My team uses the data from these surveys and other customer feedback
channels as we work with different product teams around accessibility.


Feel free to write to me directly with your feedback on the survey
experience to not clutter the beta list unless you think it is something
specific to WE.  I did check with Doug before posting here.


On a related note, if you've ever used our Disability Answer Desk
14>  or do in the future, for customer support and have comments about the
quality of that experience, again feel free to contact me with that
feedback.  I have a team of folks who work for me that are responsible,
along with myself, for this experience and we obviously are interested in
your experiences as we work to make this a high quality support offering.
In the US, you can call this service directly at 800-936-5900.  It is also
currently available in the UK, South Africa and Ireland.   Contact details
for all those countries are as follows:












1 800832612







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