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Hi everyone,
It is almost time for the Lighthouse Fall newsletter, so I am looking
for some more "Practical Tips for Living" - We need them to be short &
sweet, and like the title says - a practical tip for everyday life. If
you have any, please email them to the lighthouse by 9/1
(lighthousebigbend@xxxxxxxxx) Thank you!

Here are some examples from the recent past:

Cleaning artificial flowers: Pour some salt into a paper bag and add
the flowers. Shake vigorously and the salt will absorb the dust and
dirt, leaving your artificial flowers looking like new.~ Bess Bradley

Easy mixing: Use a ziplock bag to mix anything! For example, put flour
and chicken in a plastic bag and shake them together to put on flour.
You can put eggs, onion, green pepper, cheese, etc. in a bag and shake
it all together to make an omelet. ~ Sally Benjamin

Slick solution: Instead of measuring cooking oil use solid shortening,
it won’t spill. ~ Elizabeth Bowden

Thanks for your help!
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