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Here-here! Me too!
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  Thanks Sila - it is the whole Lighthouse team, though - we are all in it 
together, moving everything forward. The show must go on! 

  I also an extremely grateful no one was hurt and nothing irreplaceable was 
damaged or taken (like our server!)

  On the whole, we were quite fortunate : ) - Barbara

  On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 7:46 PM, Sila Miller <silam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    This is terrible news and doesn't make any sense. However, the recovery, 
(move on) attitude of Barbara Ross, The Lighthouse's Executive Director speaks 
volumes about her leadership and why The Lighthouse is going places. Also, 
through her networking strengths and abilities we already have another loaner 
pair of night goggles. Thank God things weren't any worse than they are and 
thank God we have a strong leader who can stand strong and tall despite many 
bumps in the road. You go, Barbara Ross!
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