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Well, if they vote to do this it sounds like it is all over and they did
exactly what I thought they would to us. That is dump on us to put it
nicely. Like I say you either have the money to hire these powerful lobbies
or you don't and if you don't you usually don't get anything done. It's a
shame but maybe ever who get it will maybe do better than they did.



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This a letter distributed at the last meeting at the end of the meeting, but
not fully explained. It is clear from this letter that the decission was
already made, since Star Metro apparently does not wish to renew, that is
pretty much it, end of story. I am irritated in that it was not at all
discussed with the board until after the fact when it obviously had to be in
the mill well before  the meeting, and very probably was planned to coincide
with Donna's retirement.  Star Metro claims it was costing them even more
than they were charging even though their charges seems exorbitant. anyway
here it is 

Leon County

Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board


October 21, 2009


J. OR. Harding, Chair

Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged

655 Suwannee Street



Dear Chairman Harding;


The Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board (TDCB) of Leon County
regretfully notifies you that the City of Tallahassee is ending its role of
Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) for our program.


As the CTC, Star and Paratransit Superintendent Donna Peacock have advanced
transportation options for this important segment of the population. The
last seven years have seen many successes, and the milestones achieved by
StarMetro will be forever part of the coordinated system in Leon County.


However, as times change, and as costs increase for the rider, the operator
and the coordinator, it becomes increasingly important that as much
available grant funding as possible be put into the actual movement of
persons to services. The best coordination comes with a price; and as costs
tighten the existing budget, the TDCB recommends that the best use of the
funding is to return the system to the private sector. Administrative costs,
salaries, pensions, and operating and indirect costs are generally much
lower in the private sector, and this change will allow more of the limited
funding to reach the system users.


The TDCB applauds the generosity shown by the City of Tallahassee in
reaching our shared goal of putting more money into services. We regret that
the change is taking place, however our shared goal of serving this
special-needs population is paramount.


Bob Rackleff

Chair, Leon County Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board

Leon County Commissioner



Mr. Bobby Jernigan, FL Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged

Ms. Anita Favors- Thompson, City of Tallahassee

Mr. Parwez Alam, Leon County Board of County Commissioners

Harry Reed, Executive Director, CRTPA

Mr. Ron Garrison, StarMetro

Ms. Colleen Roland, CRTPA

CRTPA Members via November meeting agenda package

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